I am a crazy Romanian 🙂
My story begins with an old cassette. The plan was to make a mix by cutting the tape (that empty sound between the songs) and then glue it again in the way that sounded amazing all put together. Childhood was a real challenge. I started to make music because I found it as a fair alternative for my pain release. I did had no support in learning music theory, so I learn to do it in my own way, using just my ears.


ZONAX was an awesome way to put my feelings into something that I knew will never let me down. In late of 2017,  I decided that it’s time to take this project to the next level. 
The “Kloud” project started along with my career in a Lithuanian logistic company. There, I had the joy of working with amazing people, that was a “real pain” in the ass (for them) pronouncing my name.  
Claud(iu) – Klaud = Kloud


Over the ZONAX project, I produced trance, house, club and chillout. 
In general I make everything that sounds good, but my first love was and will always be deep house. 
This will be my new main priority. 
In the meantime, I’m making the logistics stuff to happen, in Arad, Romania, the place where I was born. 
I am a crazy dreamer and my goal for this new journey… is just doing awesome music, meet amazing people, and put my “Kloud” signature to the world.

Claudiu Iordache